Top 20 Blockchain And ICO Development Companies

//Top 20 Blockchain And ICO Development Companies

Top 20 Blockchain And ICO Development Companies


This article encompasses lists of leading Blockchain and ICO development firms, with detailed information about them and the services crypto-users stands to benefits:

  1. IBC Group

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A consulting group, which brings in experts who have a niche for marketing, legal and capital funding for a successful ICO.

With their wealth of experience in Blockchain technology they will help you develop your team, instead of hiring faces that are not attuned to your system of operation, they consult and train organization by providing the required knowledge to morph your Blockchain strategy.

They have industry leading experts in the following fields; Blockchain technology expert, customized marketing strategy, and an end to end legal practitioner who will help you turn your business into a profitable enterprise.

2. New Alchemy

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New Alchemy is a new platform focused on providing consulting services that are createdd to aid companies that runs on the Blockchain technology.

This new alchemy platform is headed by JC Figuerora, a studious tech entrepreneur that has close to decades of leading and mentoring team of experts and developers.

As the buzz about regulation keeps increasing, New Alchemy is one of the few generation enterprise that target to successfully outdo the regulatory compliance consulting and security auditing element so as to operate a working Blockchain operation.

3. Applicature

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This San Francisco based agency that works on projects in the Blockchain industry which include the development of smart contract, creating and developing Blockchain solution, offering consultation advise to Blockchain companies, technical consultation for token sales and ICO (initial coin offering).

In the furtherance of the public ledger technology, they welcome student research project in varieties of industry in which the application of decentralized ledger system has not reached, they also offer a cash price of $5000 for the best project at the end of the competition.

Their focus area is majorly on Blockchain technology, client focus (which includes small scale and medium scale enterprise), and industry focus.


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They offer services based on the affordability of the clients, they have; the basic package (it costs 40 BTC), the stand alone package which is subdivided into two sections; the technology package and the legal package, and the custom pricing which is subdivided into three sections; marketing support, landing page and the white paper.

The technology employed in ICO BOX offering includes a book building platform, the peer to peer transaction system, and the token management system, and they also offer legal and marketing solution for client.

ICO BOX has put all needed measures into perspectives to handle 10 new projects every months and as time goes on increase it to 15 projects.

5. draglet GmbH


Image result for draglet GmbHThis is an organization based in Germany that basically provides application for cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The three founders cover a vast range of expertise from marketing, sales, and system security. One of the founders, Benjamin Bommhardt gives good business talks and has an in depth understanding of how cryptocurrency functions.

They follow through with client from the early stage of conceptualization to the final point of implementation whilst still keeping an open mind and taking in clients inputs.

6. ICOpromo

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ICOpromo is founded by Alexander Rugaev, who is based in Sydney, Australia.

They consist of individuals who are adept in the blockchain technology with influences in the media, journalist and other professional fields, these services makes them endearing to companies who wish to indulge in cryptocurrency and crypto-tokens.

Icopromo provides from scratch services to developing enterprise, they can also help companies list their tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange.

7. TokenMarket

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This is a platform designed to facilitate cryptocurrency exchange, using a decentralized nature of blockchain technology to the trading market. They offer service that can aid an organization to create it blockchain application and create a market for them to sell their tokens. They recognize the interest of the client by seeking trading decisions based on the clients perspective.

8. ICO Producer

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These are crops of professional managers who are experienced in financial marketing and investment. They create a nice graphically designed web site for ICOSs which can be translated into varying languages to meet the needs of varios countries.

They also help create awareness for your ICO by making script and marketing videos that sensitize investors about the potential benefit they stand to enjoy.

9. ICO Launch Malta

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ICO launch Malta is a full service organization, that manages every aspect of a company’s ICO project from their formation to the stage of exchange listing. They operates from Malta which offers attractive tax benefits to non-residents as well as friendly regulation for full EU members and Eurozone. They have reputable client in the trading market which includes Chiliz, Ref Token, Behaviour Exchange, and Life Task



Image result for Trackico.ioThey help crypto-users find suitable and new ICO agencies that have the best initial offering project and also help their clients to attract good investors. They progressively work with their client and team-up with them, up until the successful launching of their project. Clients also get mouthwatering offers through the ICO agencies, provides for them.

11. Cryptoassets Design Group

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Cryptoassets is a company that helps innovative startups and businesses in bringing their ideas to fruition by designing special tokens and help them with the token sales. They help startups with their initial coin offering making sure its attracts the right investors. They design tokens that are durable, stable and with nice features.

12. Coindesk

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This is a leading digital company that offers information about events related to crypto-assets and Blockchain technology. They have taken up the task to inform clients about the latest news in the crypto-community and also connecting the community on a global scale. They published a book called “the state of blockchain” which focuses on the analysis of Blockchain technology.

13. Ambisafe

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This is an Ethereum asset management platform that uses smart contract to carry out critical transactions. Transactions that takes place on the platform are recorded on the Blockchain, it will be readily available for valuation and audit. They recently launched their “orderbook” platform beta version, which is a trustless peer to peer platform with all assets stored on the chain.

14. Foxtail Marketing

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The sole purpose of this organization is to help their clients with branding, drive traffic and generate revenue for their business. They specialize in areas such as banking, financial service, consulting advisory, consumer products, data processing hosting and, so on. They work with client who are financially buoyant to get optimum service.

15. Key Difference Media

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They focus on the stage of ICO marketing, driving good investors to the wonderful cause you have uphold. With team of expert who are well known in the Blockchain community, they will help you create a brand that people yearn to transact with. As clients, you will have confidence in your sense and style of creativity which will be shown by the way your opinion will be aired.

16. Priority Token

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Presently they are undertaking several projects in the space of cryptocurrencies, some of the project they are undertaking are the mining of the crypto sector, pop shops, decentralized trading, and even in casino games or virtual games.

They have nice features for their clients which include; stay in priority lineup, combine group buys, and reduce investment risk. With their sights on becoming the number one group for ICOs across board owing to their group of buys, and reduce investment risk.

17. Element Group

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They run a full-service investment financial institution for the digital token capital market, they deliver advisory, complete asset management service in an integrative form. They offer support to market leading transaction and invest in sellable ideas. They help manage clients investment  in a nondiscretionary pattern, and they invest in Dapps technology and other utility that aids crypto trades.

18. MLG Blockchain Consulting

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This is a blockchain development and consulting organization with its headquarter located in Toronto, Canada. They are poised on building applications using smart contract and Blockchain technology, which most crypto-users have considered has the next generation applications.

They are also familiar with varying Blockchain development such as frameworks, database, agile development, and so on.

19. Admachina

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They operates in the area of online game developments and distribution, online payments and in-house RTB network. In 2007 they were invested in the area of technology and product distribution, but they switched gears in august 2017 and started focusing on sales and distribution of online games. They operates in over 30 countries despite being in a competitive market, this might have occurred because they use their best hands in the field.

20. Crowdcreate

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This is a marketing agency who are saddled with the responsibility to provide branding, design, video production, earn and paid media management to help bring in traffic to the market of their clients. They utilize the data-driven approach for Blockchain, branding, and crowd-funding awareness, which they have successfully achieved by funding 35+ campaign which earned them a whopping sum of 10million dollars.


This article has listed out 20 Blockchains and ICO development organization and has highlighted their key functions. This will guide you in making good trading decision, when you are about embarking on an initial coin offering.

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