Top Cryptocurrency Influencers and YouTubers

//Top Cryptocurrency Influencers and YouTubers

Top Cryptocurrency Influencers and YouTubers

Video presentation, they say, is an effective way of dispensing information and enlightening targeted audience. It is a way to; as it creates deeper and richer experience for viewers, bring an otherwise compound or complex piece of information to a much simplified [step-by-step approach] for easy understanding and quick learning.

Realizing this truth is why today, YouTube and other video channels have been “houses” to hundreds of thousands [if not millions] of e-learning videos materials. Like other video sharing channels –YouTube being the foremost and the most popular video-sharing website, is an American company headquartered in San Bruno, California which allows users to upload video or view available clips as already uploaded by other users. It also allows users to rate and share uploaded contents such as music videos, documentaries, TV shows etc.

The ‘huge outreach’ success of YouTube can be appraised by the evolution of smartphones as well as increased access to internet by many people of the world. These statistics looks at the overall number of smartphone users in the world [narrowing it down to 2014 through 2020]. In 2016, the number of smartphone users is penned in the region of 2.1 billion and expected to grow exponentially by 2019.

Understanding the advantages of video presentation in the area of public education and enlightenment; would ultimately show forth the reasons many cryptocurrency influencers in the world today have been able to make the most of YouTube –through various uploads of crypto-explanatory video clips and contents –to make positive impact in growing the number of cryptocurrency investors and expanding the crypto-economy.

‘To understand the crypto-world; YouTube is your friend’ –Let’s look at the advantages of video presentation as a means of e-learning.

Benefits –

  • Availability

YouTube videos can be accessed any time. Users can always return to pick up a particular content for better understanding and for more details.

Many users are able to accessed YouTube via smartphones –this means that e-learners or inquirers as the case may be are able to learn at their own convenience; either on the comfort of their bed, in the kitchen or on their sofa. Also, recognizing the unique differences in the level of assimilation; users can learn at their pace and enjoy the privilege of having to replay the clip till they understand the nitty-gritty.

  • Distance learning

Cryptocurrency is currently crossing borders of nations; enjoying popularity at the global stage and gaining grounds. This is made possible by the ‘digitalization’ of the current-age; well if we are able to understand that crypto in it-self is a ‘digital currency’ then it will be easier to liken its potential growth and successes to an increased digitalization of the world.

The digital space has made it possible for ‘Mr. A’ in the corner of his home in Canberra (for instance) to share his vast knowledge in the area of Cryptocurrency with the world at large –by simply creating a channel on YouTube and consistently uploading a step by step video clip aimed at helping viewers and followers alike to understand everything about cryptocurrency. Mr. B in his office in Pretoria is able to access such video contents via his device [laptop, tablet, or even his phone] and by implication he is enabled to acquire necessary information that would propel him to invest in this money spinning world of cryptocurrency.

YouTube has been a major platform for distance learning and its awareness of this capacity is greatly increasing minutes by minutes.

It should be noted that many people today now have better understanding of what cryptocurrency is all about. This can be attributed to many factors –but we cannot deny the fact that ‘Cryptocurrency YouTubers’ have played a greater role. That said, the attendant effect however is the increased activity in the crypto-economy landscape. A lot of deals are being brokered on a daily basis [through crypto currencies exchanges and new investments by old investors as well as new entrants].

Cryptocurrency is here to redefine online business model and digital payment method. This is no lie! And today we have individuals and groups who have been able to influence many people toward embracing cryptocurrency as a profitable investment opportunity. These influencers make use of social media and/or traditional media to control the behavior of others and shape their opinions.

However, there are influencers, also known as YouTubers who basically are using YouTube video channels to educate people about the digital currency –uploading clips on a step-by-step approach to investing in cryptocurrency. These YouTube channels are positioned to guide and order the steps of new entrants or novices who need more information in other to help shaped their opinions about cryptocurrency.

There are many cryptocurrency YouTube channels that are able to take you from being a novice in the beginning to being an expert in no time. Having acknowledged this, it is also important to note that YouTube being a popular video-sharing website is flooded with many cryptocurrency YouTube channels –with that said, the next question that would naturally cross your mind is how to figure out the most accurate YouTube channel to follow?

Below Are Top Cryptocurrency Influencers and YouTubers

  1. Coin Mastery

Image result for Coin Mastery











Are you a beginner who is still trying to find its footing in the crypto world? Look no further this might just be the right channel for you.

  • This YouTube channel is subscribers centered –I will explain
  • A perfect channel to learn some technical fundamentals and basic analysis
  • Relatively new to the cryptocurrency landscape

If you are interested in cryptocurrency e-learning videos that beams light on the ‘very basics’ of this technological revolution , and also offers an elementary approach to explaining what cryptocurrency is all about as well as the safest way to invest in the fast spinning crypto world –then Coin Mastery is your perfect destination. To buttress this we go further to stress that –videos by Coin Mastery are designed and structured in ways that viewers would find it extremely easy to understand the rudiments of crypto. Coin Mastery –as we have it today –is able to woo many followers on YouTube by its simplifying method of tutoring. This channel, as it appears in all the videos uploaded –takes its time –to explain in details every aspect of cryptocurrency.

In the quest to ensure that videos via this particular channel appear as simplified as possible; Coin Mastery takes further step to dissect all technical terminologies just as it involves the digital currency we are currently talking about and ensure all information appear in a layman language. Coin Mastery creates its YouTube videos from the perspective of viewers and from the position of a layman.

Coin Mastery is relatively new to crypto-landscape. However, this crypto influencer has overtime made rapid progress in learning about the great technological revolution of cryptocurrency. As it embarks on the journey, this influencer has made the most of the knowledge acquired on crypto; and its ongoing experience with the digital currency to make a positive mark on those subscribed to its YouTube channel


2. Data Dash

Image result for Data Dash









Everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies.

  • Data breakdowns and analysis
  • Global trends monitoring
  • Highly advanced and innovative analysis

The chances that one would make an informed decision in any given circumstance [such as making a deal in the crypto-world] is more likely when we are predisposed to good data analysis. Good analysis often birth informed decision. Data Dash is king in the area of dissecting data and providing succinct analysis.

By monitoring global trend, Data Dash is able to keep you abreast with latest development in the ‘world of cryptocurrency’ and you could trust their YouTube channels to create videos designed to inform viewers of all proceedings and keep you ahead of your game.

One thing is working for Data Dash being a Crypto-YouTube influencer –this is its ability to simplify analysis through highly advanced and innovative methods. Information can be dispensed in various ways but whichever approach is chosen, if it falls short in delivering its intent [that is the ‘message’ that needs to be passed] to the desired audience then it has failed in its purpose.

3. Boxmining

Image result for Boxmining

This cryptocurrency influencer makes the list of dependable YouTubers: Boxmining has invaluable insight in cryptocommunity.

  • Favored by its objectivity; not susceptible to propaganda or hype
  • Highly dependable in information accuracy
  • Not usually the breaker of news

Neutrality is often considered as a rare quality to come by in information dissemination business. As far as Boxmining is concerned; the quality of being objective in the process of circulating information through video clips and contents has done a lot to place this Channel ahead of other cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube. It gives objective information and stays clear of sentiments and propaganda.

Boxmining YouTube channel can be trusted. In the matter being discussed –viewers can are assured of being fed with fact-filled, accurate and reliable information regarding everything about cryptocurrency and cryptocommunity. This channel is positioned in a way that crypto-inquirers can relieve doubt of been led astray.

This cryptocurrency influencer is not your usual source for breaking news; often times Boxmining takes its time to carry out detailed research –ensuring information are duly processed before onward dissemination. Its interest spreads across a number of crypto and covers spectrum of digital currencies.

4. The Crypto Lark

Image result for The Crypto Lark

It gives explicit information not only on Bitcoin but also on Altcoin and Initial coin offerings known as (ICO)

  • Provides critical analysis of cryptocurrencies
  • Offers across board news on cryptocurrencies
  • Objective in nature and partakes in early discussion of trendy news

This YouTube channel is highly recommended for someone who is a novice to this great technological revolution. If as an old investor or new entrant you desire to know the prospect of new and/or relatively unknown cryptocurrencies [that is, what the future holds for any crypto that is currently not making waves] you definitely want to stay connected with The Crypto Lark as you position yourself to benefit from its critical analytical edge.

The Crypto Lark provides general news on cryptocurrencies. Its information regarding the cryptocommunity cut across board. So, it is safe to say that subscribers of this YouTube channel no doubt have a sure source of information as far as the cryptocurrency is concerned. To state further –anyone who chooses this channel can expect daily in-depth into the crypto world.

The Crypto Lark is a fair-minded cryptocurrency influencer who chooses YouTube video-sharing website as a medium to influence and shape people’s opinion toward embracing digital currency as a promising investment opportunity. Its YouTube videos are well-balanced and objective in nature and it’s famous for creating quick videos to join ongoing trendy issues.

5. Ivan on Tech

Image result for Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech looks at cryptocurrency experience from the perspective of a programmer

  • Shows enthusiasm in such cryptocurrencies that are of great interest to developers.
  • Provides balanced insight and in-depth information on why some crypto technology/blockchain is appealing to developers.
  • Ivan-on-Tech videos have a lot of technological information and detailing.

Many cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube have –as we have them today – devised different methods and approaches to making a mark: The aim is usually centered on influencing viewers and followers alike toward embracing cryptocurrency. Ivan-on-Tech on the other hand looks at this new technology from the perspective of a programmer.

Ivan on Tech is a popular cryptocurrency YouTube channel. It is famous for its peculiar approach toward this discuss –as its videos dissects and analyzes crypto projects mainly from a technological point of view. It consistently looks at those technological repositories which formed certain crypto projects. On the basis of this [that is, talking about the perspective with which it analyzes crypto project] Ivan-on-Tech is able to tell the prospect of certain cryptocurrency technology based on its set up which by extension enables viewers to make informed decisions.

It is expected that such videos created by Ivan-on-Tech would not fall short of technological terminologies such as GITHUB etc.

These Youtubers are pushing the boundary in online crypto reporting and if you want to get the best updates online, get on youtube and check them out

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